Basics of making professional looking graphs in MS Excel

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Basics of making professional looking graphs in MS Excel   Graphical data visualization is the key element of almost every research publication. An impressive data reporting can not only helps in clear deductions and convenient result interpretation but also attracts readers’ attention by conveying message in easy-to-understand way. Recently I came across a document comparing the fundamental periods of 5 buildings (denoted as B1 through B5) computed from actual Eigen-value analysis with the values predicted by an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model trained on a database of already designed buildings. Here is what the comparison was looking like, when presented [...]

Going beyond the Code !!!

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Going beyond the Code!!! An account of Performance-based Design and Seismic Evaluation of Buildings   Introduction Once upon a time, there was a poor middle-aged farmer who had two wives (For a moment, please neglect the reason why he went for such an adventure). The first one was of same age as him but the second was relatively younger. When he used to go to the younger one, she start plucking white hair from his beard, trying to make him look younger as her. When he used to go to first one, she start plucking black hair from his beard, [...]

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